DIYHUE for Ambilight - one strip with 5 lights

Hello! I’ve created my first diyHue strip and connected it to my Ambilight TV as single light at bottom. There is 5 available spots at bottom available to setup (right bottom corner, bottom right middle, bottom, left bottom, left middle bottom), so, I curious, is it possible to have 5 lights on single strip with single ESP board? Simple solution - I can use 5 separate boards and solder to single strip but maybe there is better way available with diyhue?
(I have light gradient strip but it works with TV only as single light unfortunately, no 3 zones support at this time on latest Ambilight firmware)

You can use up to 10 lights/segments on one esp board.

Hello! Can you please point me to the right direction with any tutorial about that? Thanks!

Just flash the Generic_WS2812_Strip and confgure 10 lights in the web interface of the light. From there you can specify the number of leds for every light (if you don’t wish equal number for every). In Diyhue on light search you will get 10 new strips.

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