Docker installation problems


I’m running DiyHue as a docker container on my RPI 4 according to the instructions for the host network mode.

So everything works fine, except for these two problems:

  1. I can connect to the Lights Control Website, but i can’t open the hue debug tool in https:///debug/clip.html. The result is “ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE”. In the HueEssentialsApp the API debugger works fine.

  2. I’m forced to update the bridge in the official Hue App.

Any ideas?

Well, as far as #2, when you say update, what do you mean? You cannot update the software anywhere except by downloading a new Docker image. The Hue App will not be able to update the software. It mimics the version of software that is out there on real hubs.

And #1, What do you mean by the Hue debug tool? This is not a Hue hub. It is DIYHue. So, it doesn’t run software from Phillips.

Thank you.

I know that I can’t update the bridge in the Hue App. I’m running the latest version of diyHue. But I’m forced to update everytime I open the app. Maybe I have to wait for a newer version of diyHue, so I can use the original hue app again.

The hue debug tool is a web app for controlling the lights directly with input commands. See here

If I install diyHue directly on the host (e. g. with the automatic install script) the debug tool under http://<bridge_ip_address>/debug/clip.html is reachable und works fine. But if I’m running as docker container i get the above error “ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE”