Still asked to update after updating to the latest docker container

Hi there,

I’m sorry to open a new thread about something that should be pretty straightforward but I spent hours on this with no luck.
I’m running DiyHue docker container on my Rpi3 and lastly I got the message in the Hue App (Android) asking to upgrade. I’m not checking the app that often because my lights are controlled mainly through my home automation system.

So I upgraded my container to the latest version (docker rm -f first, docker pull for the latest and tun it again) but the android app is still asking to upgrade the bridge.

I removed the app then / cleared the cache but same result after registering the Hue emulator in the app.

Don’t know what to try next, if someone has a good idea.

Tx (and merry Xmas)

Thanks, I thought upgrading to the latest docker container version would update this but that’s good to know.

Once the docker image has the new swversion it wont show the dialog.
Currently we are investigating towards a possible change in behavior of hue sync.

Update will follow soon.

In general: Hue Essentials is the APP we recommend as we are in close contact with the dev and can sort out bugs quiet fast.