Help with Hue SyncBox

I can’t seem to connect to my Hue Syncbox - it just keeps finding the real Phillips Hue Hub every time I select ‘Switch Hue Bridge’

What I have done…
Enabled Hue in Sync settings under WLED - success
Stood up diyHue docker - success
Connected original Hue Bridge - success
Added lights (including non-hue lightstrip) - success
Added diyHue to Hue app - oddly, the link button never worked, but I was able to enter my emulated bridges IP address to add it - success

Now when I go into Hue Syncbox I click on Switch Hue Bridge and it just keeps finding the one that it’s already connected to. It’s not finding the diyHue bridge that I have added into the Hue app.

Any help is greatly apprecaited.

Also, of note - the ip address of the docker is but it says the bridge is - when I added the bridge to the Hue app I used and it worked. When I browse Hue Config Viewer it is showing and is unreachable. So it seems like it’s broadcasting but I’m not sure how I connected via…

You need to temporary disconnect the real bridge, probably it first try the remote discovery url and since there is one bridge found there it stop with the LAN detection. The diyhue container need to receive the host IP and MAC address since these are needed in some api fields. If you change MAC fields then Hue Sync will not connect anymore because the certificate is cached and contain the previews MAC address.