Light status inconsistent with zigbee2mqtt


I migrated all my Hue lights, motion sensors and dimmer switches to zigbee2mqtt. I implemented the control flows in Node-RED. Both zigbee2mqtt and Node-RED are installed as Home Assistant plugins. That works like a charm. Setting and seeing the status of all lights in HA works responsively and reliably.

I then set up diyhue in a separate instance (same physical machine, different virtual host, because I wanted to avoid clashes of the Hue ports 80 and 443 with HA) to have the Hue experience for more complex (than motion sensors or dimmer switches) interactive use cases like (animated) scenes.

Via Hue essentials, I can set the status of all lights reliably and responsively, also the animated scenes work. But the status of the lights in the Hue Essentials behaves erratically. The stock Hue app is even worse.

Any ideas?