Multiple Lights with single mc

Hi there,
I got 2 small questions.

  1. Can I use a single mc for multiple lights? E.g. connect 2 led stripes to one mc and control both individually.

  2. Do I suffer from hue bridge limitations when I use hue emulator + OEM bridge for ZigBee communication?

Thx a lot.

  1. Yes this is possible with the sketches we provide. However only with smart Led strips such as WS2812 and SK6812, or the P9813 led controller. However it should be possible to modify sketches to support multiple “dumb” LED’s

  2. What limitations are you referring to? If you use the OEM bridge for ZigBee you will be limited to officially supported ZigBee hue products. Was there another limitation you were thinking of?

thx for the fast response.

  1. that’s great. I’m looking into an alternative for asus aura, possibly with hue integration. I’d like to control top/bottom fans… separately without using like 10 microcontrollers. I’ll do some more research here
  2. if I remember correctly you are limited to 50 devices with a hue bridge

Yeh if your using the OEM hub then that limit stands for the devices connected to the hub. So you can have 50 ZigBee devices plus anything else compatible with diyhue. If you use deconz and a ZigBee USB stick, there is in theory no limit. However, eventually something would crash.

could you link me a ressource for using a single mc, which shows up as 2 (or more) separate lights in hue, please?
I didn’t find any code that, does that yet.

This sketch works with WS2812 led strips and allows you to define the number of lights created and the number of LED’s per light.

awesome! thx a lot.
I can do some diy time between xmas and new year!