Re Docker image raspberry pi


Were do I find the image to install on raspberry pi or can it be install on esp8266. And what will the software look like on the webpage or image. Also how does it work with Alexa.

From oliver

You need to install the hue emulator to a raspberry pi or any other computer running python. Docker is optional. Usually the emulator is installed via the install Skript.

Next step is to flash the corresponding diylight firmware to your esp8266 matching your setup eg. Ws2812 leds

You can find all the documentation at

When you pull our main image it makes sure to install the correct container for your hardware automatically. So no need to pull different images depending on your hardware.

The docker image for the raspberry pi were do I download that.

I explained this above. Just follow the instructions in the documentation under the Docker Install section found here

Your shouldn’t have to do anything special to install using docker on raspberry pi


I will put Ubuntu image on frist and then install docker image with the commands