APP requires Update of Hue Bridge - Update Fails

Recently Hue has updated the Firmware (swversion) of their Bridge.
A new Software Version is introduced.
In general diyhue does not use the swversion. It is only used for emulation.

However: Changing swversion can also imply changes to how things are handled on genuine hardware.

That being said it is possible that updating swversion without changes to diyhue could cause bugs.

In order to Update your swversion follow these steps:

  • Stop Emulator or Docker Container
  • edit config.json
  • in key "config" change "swversion":"XXXXXXX" to "swversion":"1943185030"
  • Note: do not change version in Lights!
  • save
  • restart Service or Docker Container

Update Message should be gone.

Dev Note: you can set "swversion":"1999999999" to eliminate any future update requests but be advised as this may cause unkown error. try and error :slightly_smiling_face:

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