BETA --> MASTER branch merged

Today we merged all latest BETA features into MASTER release.

Deploy your diyHue instance with

docker run -d --name diyHue --restart=always --network=host -e MAC=XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX -v /mnt/hue-emulator/config:/opt/hue-emulator/config diyhue/core:latest

Note: EDIT your MAC according to your local network device MAC otherwise the certificate generation mandatory for Hue app wont work!

This also means we will drop the develpment of the “old” diyhue and focus on the now new master release.

Unfortunatly the changes are huge and there is no automatic merge possible.

We hope you enjoy the new look and feel of diyhue.

Features like zigbee2mqtt, homeassistant, deconz as well as managing your self build devices are on board.

Entertainment function can be used with selfbuild Lights

As always you can find all infos and open source code on

For any Trouble you are welcome to open a Topic here or write us on Slack

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How do I go from beta to master?

I tried to stop and remove my beta container and setup a new container from latest instead. Web interface works but Hue app won’t find the diyHue bridge.

Rerunning the beta container makes it all work again.

Hey @Micke

Since the current master is basically the beta merged you only need to

  • stop the old beta container

  • restart the new container with the command above

Since the name tag is different you can keep your beta container as backup

If the app won’t connect it could be that the certificate was regenerated with the Mac provided.

In that case you need to delete data cache on android or reinstall the app on its

Your configuration will remain untouched.

I was already running the Beta version. Now (if correct) i have migrated.
But how can i check? in “about” there is still no version number

As mentioned before the beta has been the go to version for a longer period now and users started to use it as a regular version.

Since it was merged into master branch there is no difference as of now and you are good to go.

To sum it up.

Old master and new master are not compatible
Old beta and current master are identical / compatible

We will add a version number soon to see what version you are running. You can compare the container tag to see what is the latest version.

Hue api v2 is progressing once again and we need to reverse engineer the changes resulting in hotfixes and fast pushed releases.

It’s a game of cat and mice when it comes to playing with the big companies,especially when things do not get documented officially.

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