DIYHue and Hyperion - difficulty linking

Hello! I am hoping for some ideas, because I am hurting my head.

I think this is a DIYHUE issue, and Not a Hyperion issue, but I am not sure.

Here it is: I recently am building a new system with DIYhue lights responding to Hyperion. I have had to do a couple re-installs because I would get stuck, but essentially my setup is this:

DIYHue as a home assistant Add-on, running on a wired RP4. - fresh install
Hyperion as Hyperbian 64bit running on a wired RP Zero 2W - fresh install
A genuine phillips bridge - also wired.

I have each program up and running fine. But when looking for the DIYHue hub in Hyperion, it can see it, but they cannot Link - no matter how much I press the button.

I have , with this very setup, been able to make this work just fine, on a previous version of the DIYHue addon…BUT then then I went to make a clean install with the current version, and it fails…

Why? some certificate issues.

Hyperion says:

2024-03-13T21:36:31.348Z [LEDDEVICE] (DEBUG) (ProviderRestApi.cpp:479:matchesPinnedCertificate()) First used certificate loaded successfully
2024-03-13T21:36:31.349Z [LEDDEVICE] (ERROR) 'Trust on first use' - Certificate received does not match pinned certificate
2024-03-13T21:36:31.349Z [LEDDEVICE] (DEBUG) (ProviderRestApi.cpp:553:onSslErrors()) SSL Error occured: [9] The certificate is self-signed, and untrusted 
2024-03-13T21:36:31.353Z [LEDDEVICE] (DEBUG) (ProviderRestApi.cpp:273:executeOperation()) POST took 64ms, HTTP 0: [] [{"devicetype":"hyperion#hyperion","generateclientkey":true}]
2024-03-13T21:36:31.353Z [LEDDEVICE] (WARNING) philipshue generation of authorization/client key failed with error: 'SSL handshake failed: The host name did not match any of the valid hosts for this certificate'
2024-03-13T21:36:31.353Z [WEBSOCKET] (DEBUG) (JsonAPI.cpp:1630:handleLedDeviceCommand()) response: [{}]

How can I fix this?

Any Ideas? Maybe just writing this down will help me think of it.

per Enable debug mode — diyHue 1.0 documentation
curl -v -k

Yields me this:

 Server certificate:
*  subject: C=NL; O=Philips Hue; CN=DCA632fffeCB4D52
*  start date: Mar 12 06:34:50 2024 GMT
*  expire date: Mar 12 06:34:50 2045 GMT
*  issuer: C=NL; O=Philips Hue; CN=DCA632fffeCB4D52
*  SSL certificate verify result: self-signed certificate (18), continuing anyway.

{"name": "DIYhue Bridge", "datastoreversion": "126", "swversion": "1963089030", "apiversion": "1.63.0", "mac": "DC:A6:32:CB:4D:52", "bridgeid": "DCA632FFFECB4D52", "factorynew": false, "replacesbridgeid": null, "modelid": "BSB002", "starterkitid": ""}

and that MAC address is right.

Side note - the Phillips App sees and links to DIY hue no problem.

rendered moot. I did one more Hyperion clean install and it worked as expected.

Must have been a hyperion issue after all