Hue app forces to make update

Hey everyone!

Newest Android hue-app forces update after linking with diyhue. Update fails. Manually updating swversion to newer version from link below seems also not work. Can anyone help? Cheers, Julian

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Hello trudy1,
i have a iPhone and the same problem.
I´ve installed diy-hue on a debian system and everything works for me. Since yesterday the app “Philips Hue” tells me that i mus do a update.
Then i update my debian diy-hue system and restart it. Nothing changed.

in the Philips-Hue-App i can bind the “new” diy-hue-installation but the app tells me that i must update the hue-bridge.

hope, someone has a idea to fix it.

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You just have to wait for an update to be released by the devs with a new software version listed. Until then, you can just click Not Now. I know it says “functionality is limited”…this is not so. The only things that won’t work is anything “new” in the latest version. And I can’t remember the last time something truly “new” was released.

Clicking update will never work because your DIYHue hub doesn’t talk to the hue Cloud and doesn’t run the same software as the real Hue hub. So, that little 'update now" button isn’t going to do anything.

Everything will continue to work just fine until an update with the new version is released.

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@trudy1 I can understand bro because I’m facing same problem. Now i am waiting for next update. Hopefully it will clear next time.

thanks for the awesome information.

thanks my issue has been fixed.