Massive problems after deconz install

HW: Pi3B+ with raspbian buster, and raspbee2. Intsalled Diyhue without problems, added 2 Milight groups with i_box, working fine. Now installed deconz according to
Changed port to 8080 according to the instructions on diyhue (raspbee deconz installation). First of all the HW clock fails during installation, which I guess is not that important. But my main problem is when I open the phoscon app (on 8080) for the first time it finds a phoscon gateway with the correct IP address and multiple “undefined” with the same IP address. Now, when searching for lights it finds my Osram bulbs but also the phoscon gateway marked as unknown. When now trying to add the bulbs to Diyhue it somehow destroys the config.json with the before found unknown lights.and after reboot or restart of hue-emulator service will not start (due to the messed up json.config). Did multiple clean installs and always run into the same issue as described. I’m completely stuck.

Error found, Phoscon/Deconz finds DiyHue as gateway over an over again and it adds gateway to lights which messes up the config.json. Disabled DiyHUE and deconz is running fine. Replaced my milights with zigbee bulbs. Hoping REST API of Phoscon/Deconz will get some more effects implemented.