Philips Hue spots are blue every time they are turned back on


I have migrated all my lights/bulbs/accessories from a Philips Hue Bridge to DIYHue with a Conbee II stick. I’m running DIYHue as a docker container (latest version as of today, tag “897”). My setup is now more or less working correctly (lights are detected in deconz, seen by diyhue, and controllable using hueessentialsapp ) however I’m facing some issues with all “extended color light” spots (sw 1.90.1).

Regardless if the lights are configured to “lastonstate” or “safety” or custom mode (confirmed the mode using hueessentials’ API explorer), all spot-type lights behave strangely when they are turned off then turned back on using the wall switch (i.e. cutting main power). In fact, when I switch off the lights and turn them back on, all these lights become deep blue. Then turning the lights off/on again fixes the issue if I don’t do it too fast. In other words most of the time I have to switch on the lights 2-3 times to get the mode I am looking for.

I checked if I have the same behavior when the deconz server and diyhue server are down, and indeed it changes nothing: I have the same behavior. So I’m not even sure what is the root cause of this issue. What I however know is that when the lights were paired with the Philips Hue bridge yesterday I did not have this issue. It started right after the migration.

How can I fix it ? Am I the only one having this kind of issue ?

Thank you in advance for your help