Power on Behavior Not Supported / Needs Update


I’ve got a hue emulator running on a Raspberry Pi with a ConBee II and the deconz setup and all that. Coming from previously using the Hue Bluetooth app this is mostly a huge improvement.
Only detraction I’ve noticed is that the “power on behavior” doesn’t work anymore, and used to in the Hue BT app.
On iOS, I get “Power on behavior not supported” on Android, I get a notification that the light needs an update before supporting power on behavior mods, the update predictably fails.
Whats up with that? Is it just a limitation of the emulator?
I did naturally have to do the swversion fix to actually get the app connected, don’t know if that makes a difference.

Thanks in advance.

That’s because Deconz doesn’t support the setup for Power-on behavior. Also, the Hue App only supports that for genuine Hue bulbs, not any of the “Friends of Hue” stuff. The reason you’re getting the firmware update message in the Hue App is because DIYHue is tricking the Hue App into thinking its a Hue bulb. It might be something completely different. But if you’re using all Genuine Hue Bulbs, you’ll get the most bang for your buck out of a genuine Hue hub. DIYHue let’s you integrate a lot of non-hue lights together or to other systems the same way you would a Hue hub.
If you are trying to set that up for any ESP8266 lights you’ve built with the DIYHue sketches on GitHub, the power on config can be done on the web portal of the light itself.